Wine and Beer To Go!

Green Gables is delighted to announce that, amidst the changes afoot at the PLCB, it has obtained a Wine Expanded Permit which will allow it to sell wines to go. That augments our long-standing ability to sell craft beer to go. Now virtually every wine on the Wine Spectator award-winning list* and more will sell to go. We have devised savings that will provide you great value in your wine and beer purchases. During most of Green Gables’ dinner hours (Thursday-Saturday 5-9 pm; Sunday 5-8 pm**), you will enjoy 30% savings off the wine and beer lists at Green Gables.  Purchase a case (12 bottles) or more of wine and you will save 40%. Purchase two six packs (12 bottles) of beer and save 40% off the menu price. With all these savings, you have the ability to mix all cases and six-packs.  See the current wine list and beer list. It is time to go shopping now!

*excludes Reserve List.
**discount offer NOT available on Sundays from 7-8 pm